Skin Cancer Fighters

We All Can Be Skin Cancer Fighters

Across the country, people with cancer and other diseases have joined together to have their voices heard. They have formed communities where information is shared and have inspired each other to be a part of the decisions being made about their health.

The same is not always happening for the nearly 5 million people diagnosed with skin cancer each year. They are not learning about their treatment options or having the opportunity to work together with their doctors to make the best treatment choices.

Skin Cancer Fighters is working to change that. This league of people is rallying together to change the skin cancer treatment experience.

Be a part of the discussion on social media

Each person with skin cancer has a story to tell or advice to share. As a Skin Cancer Fighter, you can help others learn what you didn’t know, or how you spoke up and found the best treatment for you. Posting your story on social media can help improve the skin cancer treatment experience for others.

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Write your local Representative

Skin Cancer Fighters are working hard to let government officials, health insurance companies, and doctors know that people with skin cancer have the right to better treatment. Every voice counts. You can help your local Legislators know how important it is that they have a positive influence on the prevention of skin cancer, the regulation of treatment options, and the cost of treatment and insurance coverage.

Find your local representative at the United States House of Representatives.

Share your skin cancer story

Your experience being diagnosed with skin cancer, exploring treatment options, and receiving treatment could be the story that makes all the difference in someone else’s skin cancer journey.

As a Skin Cancer Fighter, you can choose to be interviewed, filmed or quoted, and featured in our materials. We can help you spread the message about the importance of good treatment for those with skin cancer.

Enroll in Skin Cancer Fighters and share your story with others.

Become a Skin Cancer Fighter

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