Discover the facts about skin cancer treatment

Having the right information can help you take care of your skin and make the best choice when it comes to treating skin cancer. But finding all the facts can be hard, and there may be information missing. For example, did you know:

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Age 50+

Skin cancer rates are highest in men over the age of 50, making yearly skin checks important so cancer can be caught early and treated

8 out of 10

8 out of 10 people who had Mohs surgery ended up with a scar that was larger than they thought it would be

1 Year

It may take up to a year for a wound from Mohs surgery to completely heal

99%+ cure rate

There is a surgery-free treatment that has a 99%+ cure rate

Mohs surgery comes with many unknowns

Mohs surgery might be a common treatment for skin cancer, but it comes with many unknowns. Until a Mohs surgeon starts cutting, there is no way to know how big the skin cancer is, how long the surgery will take, or how big the wound will be. It may even take more than one cut, called a stage of surgery, to remove all the cancer. In fact, most people need 1 to 3 stages to remove all the cancer.

Visit to learn the steps of Mohs surgery, how to prepare, and what can help you have the best recovery.

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Learn about your treatment options

Surgery is not the only option for treating skin cancer. In fact, one of the nearly 10 other surgery-free treatment options may be a better choice for many people. Take the time to learn about your other options and which will not only cure your skin cancer but give you a better experience throughout treatment as well.

Visit to learn about an option that uses ultrasound images to guide a tailor-made treatment plan—one that does not include cutting, wounds, or long recovery times.

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Talk with your dermatologist

Talking with your dermatologist about what you want from skin cancer treatment will help you decide together on the right option. Having that conversation can be tough, though. Download this discussion guide for help learning about what is important to you and talking about your treatment options.

Be a skin cancer fighter

If you or a loved one has been affected by skin cancer, you are invited to join Skin Cancer Fighters. This group shares experiences, ideas, and tips to help others be well informed about their treatment options and well cared for during treatment.

Learn about the many ways Skin Cancer Fighters are working to change how skin cancer, and the people who have it, are treated.

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